Student Guided Poster Competition

The Cartography Specialty Group Student Guided Poster Competition, formerly known as the Student Illustrated Paper Competition, is held at the annual meeting of the AAG and supports student scholarly research that includes a cartographic design component. A panel of judges awards prizes of $300 (1st place), $200 (2nd place), and $100 (3rd place) to students who demonstrate their excellence in both scholarly research and cartographic design. Both undergraduate and graduate students are invited to participate.

Participants are judged on their ability to:
1.) Perform scholarly research (this could include identification of a meaningful research statement and execution of appropriate methods/analysis)
2.) Produce a map which meets its intended purpose and demonstrates good understanding of cartographic principals and design
3.) Communicate a well formulated narrative to a broad audience (both verbally and through visuals)
4.) For 2022, special consideration will be given to submissions that reflect one or more of the official AAG2022 themes, although not required for acceptance

For many years up to 2016, awards were coordinated by the Remote Sensing Specialty Group (click here for a list of past winners). Beginning in 2017, the Cartography Specialty Group will host its own separate competition.

How to Participate
(1) A completed participant application form.
(2) A letter of support submitted on your behalf written by an advisor or project manager.

For details and due dates, follow the link below:
Call for Poster Abstracts